Suffering from

heel pain?

It’s a common foot complaint and over 60% of Australians report having pain every day.

Helpful Advice For Your Heel Pain


Heel pain is not usually caused by a single injury, such as a twist or fall, but from repetitive stress and pounding of the heel. Often the soft tissue becomes inflamed because of ill-fitting shoes, a running injury, gait, specific diseases, or obesity. 


Pain behind the heel is common, with 1 in 5 people in the community suffering from it. You might notice swelling, warmth, tenderness when you put weight on the foot, or it might hurt to rise to stand on your toes. If these persist contact an experienced podiatrist.


When you run, your feet absorb as much as 4 times your body weight. And over time this continuous impact causes plantar fasciitis, which accounts for about 10% of all running injuries.


Heel pain can range from mild to disabling. However, 95% of treated customers can walk better or can stand longer without pain within the first 6 months when they follow a comprehensive treatment plan with stretches, ice, rest, orthotics and more. See your podiatrist today!

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Using The Latest Technology To Identify The Cause


There are a number of conditions causing heel pain, our experienced Podiatrists can help solve Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, nerve damage, stress fractures to Bursitis. Using the latest technology, we create a 3D scan of your foot, check pressure areas and analyse your gait.

“My first few first steps in the morning felt like I stepped on a knife. The pain was debilitating. But with the help of Move Podiatry, I am able to get back into those activities that I love to do without limping or pain.” – Ben Faley

Get The Right Treatment


We look at your entire body to identify what is causing the heel pain, not just the symptoms. We take everything into consideration including exercise, injury, repetitive movement, and medical conditions. We then provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan which aims to reduce the load, inflammation, and pain to the affected area.

“I never thought I’d be able to exercise again. I am now able to run 5km a few times a week without any pain.” – Natalie McDonald

plantar fasciitis; heel pain; podiatrist

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