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At Move Podiatry we aim at getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible so that you can perform at the best of your ability.



Laser Foot Scanner

We use Paromed 3D laser foot scanner to create a highly accurate impression of the foot. There is no time wasted with plaster cast impressions of the foot. This latest technology captures every contour of your foot as laser scanning is far more accurate. Your foot can be scanned under partial load or full weight-bearing to best capture the function of your foot and ensure the best outcomes of your orthotics


The Podiatrist who analyses, diagnoses and treats your lower limbs and feet is the same person to design your customised EVA orthotics. Your orthotics will not be sent and modelled by a third party, they will be individually designed by the Podiatrist to ensure your orthotics are tailored specifically to suit your feet and presenting symptoms. By using one of the best scanning, modelling and milling CADCAM orthotics systems in the world, Move Podiatry is able to produce some of the best foot orthotics in the world.


Foot Pressure Analysis

Insole pressure sensors is a clinical measuring system used to analyse in-shoe pressure during stance, walking, and running. The Parotec measurement insoles use a special hydrocell technology that records not only vertical forces but pressures from all directions.

This tool is used to assess areas of high foot pressure and evaluate plantar foot pressures before and after treatment with orthotics and footwear. Deflecting forces from painful bunions, forefoot symptoms of moretons neuroma, bursitis, corns, and ulcerated wounds, we are able to diagnose and measure to get the best result.

Move Podiatry is one of the few Podiatry clinics in Queensland to use this piece of equipment.

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