Back 2 School

Well it’s that time of year again to organise children for school and shop for new school shoes. Children are active and spend more than 30 hours per week in school shoes, so important to make sure you are buying the right shoes for their growing feet.

Here are some handy tips on what to look for in school shoes:


  • Don’t buy shoes that are too large – The movement and comfort of a child’s foot is no different to an adult. A thumb width between the ed of the longest toe and shoe, whilst standing is a good general rule to use. This allows enough room for growth without preventing slipping, blisters, too much movement.It’s better to buy cheaper shoes with the correct length and buy a 2nd pair through out the year then buy a more expensive pair that’s too long.


  • Sturdy heel counter – A sturdy heel counter is important to prevent the heel from moving too much. The heel counter shouldn’t be able to be easily bent from left to right. This will prevent the feet from over pronating (rolling in).


  • Ensure the shoe cannot be bent through the arch – Shoes should bend through the ball of the foot, not through the arch. If the sole isn’t very sturdy it may bend through the arch and this usually means the shoe is not supportive.


  • Buy leather upper – Buy a shoe that has a breathable fabric as this reduces the chances of athletes foot and other possible skin infections.


  • Thick rubber sole – Good shock absorbing thick soles are recommended. Avoid thin soles ballet style shoes.

Goodluck! Let us know if you require any help with choosing the right shoes for your young ones!


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